We are using Jakarta’s ant as a build tool for the project.  Right now we only have a task to compile the code into a jar, although in the future we will build tasks to make distributions including zips and gz’s of source and binary.  If you have not used ant before, I highly recommend it.

The goal will be to keep all code within the CVS server at sourceforge (see above on how to use it).

All code should be javadoc’d as much as possible.  Code should also follow Sun’s java coding conventions so that all code is easy to read by other developers.  And there should not be any tabs in the source code… convert your tabs to 8 spaces before committing! (otherwise I’ll go back and commit it for you!)

Package names should begin in the org.javaweather tree.  Each project will have its own separate package as appropriate, for instance, org.javaweather.metar or org.javaweather.conversion.